48th ASPNG Congress

To collect your thumb drive with the files from the congress please come into the Theodist Office in Port Moresby. Or contact James Murry on Ph (675) 325 6500

Each thumb drive will contain;

  • Copy of all the speakers notes
  • Copy of free trail applications
    • Magnet Office 2.7
    • BricsCAD
    • Kaspersky Pure (Anti Virus Software)


Topcon’s new OS Series Total Stations – New Advanced Design with Superior Technology

The OS is a professional grade compact design total station. This all new advanced design provides an on-board data collection interface, exclusive LongLinkTM communication, and an incredibly powerful EDM.

Work directly on the bright, color touchscreen, or with the alpha-numeric keyboard to achieve higher levels of production with MAGNET Field on-board software.


  • Advanced Security & Maintenance with New TSshield™
  • MAGNET Field On-board
  • Exclusive LongLink™ Communications Functionality
  • Fast and Powerful EDM
  • Advanced Angle Accuracy

World’s First TSshield™ Remote Security and Notification System

  • Disable your instrument remotely if lost or stolen
  • Get notified of Firmware updates
  • Online instrument operational history
  • See more here...
The OS is the perfect total station for many field applications including:

Land Surveying Property
Land Surveying Topo & Stakeout
Earthwork Volumes

Building Interior Layout
Construction of Roads
Law Enforcement Mapping

Primary OS features include:
Exclusive LongLinkTM Ultra-Powerful, Advanced EDM

• 300m+ Wireless Link to Controller
• Field Controller at the Prism Pole
• More accurate code descriptions
• Collect point Images at the measurement point.

• 500m non-prism range
• 4000m prism range
• Red/Green Guidelight
• Coaxial red laser pointer
• Pinpoint, precise beamspot

Advanced Angle Encoder System EDM Trigger Key

• “Best in Class” 1” angle accuracy available
• Incorporates exclusive IACS
  (Independent Angle Calibration System)
  on 1” & 2” models
• Self calibration
• Proven High Accuracy Technology

• Perfect touch location
• Promotes angle stability
• No torque when measuring on-board
• Water/Dust proof
• Easy for gloved hands

Advanced OS features include: Standard OS package includes:

• Large Graphics
• Easy to Read
• Color Touchscreen
• Alphanumeric Keyboard
• 4-Way Navigation Button

• OS Total Station
• Battery and Charger (one battery and charger included)
• Lens Cap and Hood
• Tool Kit
• USB stick with digital Manual
• Quick Guide
• Carry Case and Carry Straps





Angle Measurement
  Min. Resolution/Accuracy
OS-101 0.5”/1”
OS-102 1”/2”
OS-103 1”/3”
OS-105 (Single Display) 1”/5”
IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) Standard on 1” & 2” models
Compensation Dual-axis compensator
Distance Measurement
Prism EDM Range 4000m
Prism EDM Accuracy 2mm+2ppm
Non-Prism Range 500m
Non-Prism Accuracy 3mm+2ppm (0.3-200m)
Measuring Time Fine: 0.9 sec
Rapid: 0.7 sec
Tracking: 0.3 sec
LongLink™ rover communications utilizing
Bluetooth® Class 1
USB 2.0 Slot (Host + Slave)
RS-232C Serial
Display/Keyboard Dual, LCD, Touchscreen
(OS-105 Single)
Battery Operation Up to 20 hours
Dust/Water Protection IP65
Wireless Connection Bluetooth® Class 1
Operating Range -30C to +60C
-35C to +60C*

*special arctic version



is-3-fieldIS-3 Imaging Station

Does more than a robotic instrument! Does more than a laser scanner!

The Topcon IS-3 combines the power of both a laser scanner and a robotic instrument
into one superior long-range, imaging robotic system.

It has the power, accuracy, and speed of a Total Station and with the auto-scanning capabilities of a Laser Scanner; Topcon’s IS-3 takes material management, as-built design, and structural/environmental monitoring out of the clouds and puts it at your fingertips.

The IS-3’s powerful functionality is controlled using Topcon’s exclusive ImageMaster™ software that produces “photography with dimension”, a revolutionary and cost effective alternative to laser scanning.


How it Works

Topcon’s IS-3 features dual digital imaging cameras providing a color, real-time image on the touch LCD display.

To define a scan area, simply tap the image display, or for uniform measurement of an area, select the grid feature. The IS-3 “locks” these points to their exact position on the image, even when the instrument is rotated.

Once all points to be measured are chosen, the IS-3 performs a reflectorless measurement of each point.

When used in conjunction with Topcon’s unique RC-4 remote control system, the IS-3 will track prisms up to 1000 m away.

is-3-scanAdditional features of the IS-3 include:

  • Topcon’s X-TRAC 8 advanced auto-tracking technology provides quick and powerful tracking under the harshest conditions.
  • Two built-in digital cameras, a wide-angle and a 30x tele-zoom with complete image storage.
  • Continuous monitoring which complements the every day function of robotic surveying.

Recommended Systems

Robotic Scanning
  • Topcon IS-3
  • Robotic Kit
  • On-board TopSURV
  • ImageMaster IS Version
  • Topcon IS-3
  • ImageMaster Standard Version
  • On-board TopSURV


  • Topographic Land Surveys, 
  • Boundary Surveys, 
  • Construction
  • Scanning from on-board TopSURV, 
  • Scanning from WiFi connected 
  • ImageMaster running on a PC.


  • Long-range Scanning:
    quarry, mining, construction site,
  • Mid-range Scanning:
    bridge, embankments, dams, levy, monitoring.
  • Short-range Scanning:
    interior of buildings, lot


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